Break Out

2020年12月2日(水)放送 テレビ朝日   水   1:30-2:00



WATCH clashes break out in Germany after rally against Covid-19 lockdown canceled last minute - 11月22日(日)04:58 

Coronavirus skeptics and counter-protesters clashed with each other and police after a rally against the lockdown in the German city of Leipzig was called off by the organizers shortly after it was scheduled to begin. Leipzig has been one of the centers of the anti-lockdown movement in Germany in recent weeks. On November 8, the ‘Lateral Thinking’ group, which insists that Covid-19 is a hoax, was able to gather thousands of people in the city center. A large rally was also expected on Saturday after the Bundestag supported legislation mid-week giving the...more

69 inmates break out of Lebanese prison; 5 die later in car crash - 11月22日(日)04:49 

Sixty-nine inmates broke out of a Lebanese prison Saturday and five of them later died in a car crash, security forces said.