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【第24回】鳥を愛するみなさま。【VIETJO LIFEコラム:ハタメグミの越南ラプソディ】 - 05月23日(木)12:00 

<small>(本記事は、2019年5月16日付け「<a href="" target="_blank">VIETJO LIFE</a>」で配信されたものです。)</small><br /><b...

E-Scooters And Bike Shares Proliferate First, Then 'Ask Forgiveness'; New Guide Aims To Help Cities - 05月23日(木)04:30 

The National League of Cities released a guide designed for local leaders learning how to integrate e-scooters and bike shares into their communities.

Why this Japanese secret to a longer and happier life is gaining attention worldwide attention - 05月23日(木)02:38 

In Japan, the secret to living a longer, happier and more fulfilled life can be summed up in one word: Ikigai.

Trade War Update: China Throwing More Lifelines. Apple In Trouble. - 05月23日(木)01:12 

Apple may be the biggest U.S. corporate casualty once tariffs on $300 billion more Made in China goods takes place.

Watch: Gabrielle Union describes Dwyane Wade's retired life - 05月22日(水)22:38 

Gabrielle Union said Dwyane Wade has been experiencing basic day-to-day life for the first time since leaving the Miami Heat.

Going South: N Korean defectors face hardships, prejudice and hope in new life - 05月23日(木)08:00 

Intellasia East Asia News Defectors from North Korea have much in common with migrants around the world: they leave their homeland, and often their families, in search of a better life. In the process, they travel great distances and encounter hardships, emotional turmoil and often prejudice in their new countries. The key difference is that refugees from the Hermit […]

How 3 Singaporeans brought the Hulk to life in Avengers: Endgame - 05月23日(木)02:50 

From Professor Hulk to time-travelling Hulk to staircase-stomping Hulk, Edward Zhou, Neeraj Pattani and Janice Tan tell CNA Lifestyle what it was like to contribute to the year’s biggest blockbuster.

Maximize Your Memorial Day With A 48-Hour Trip Of A Lifetime - 05月23日(木)02:19 

I find the idea simply exhausting, but Gabriella Ribeiro, the founder of 48-Hour Power Jaunts, insists that time-starved folks want to experience a destination in just two days.

Watch Jennifer Garner's hilarious graduation address full of necessary life advice - 05月22日(水)23:51 

Jennifer Garner, actress and graduate of Denison University's Class of 1994, recently delivered the Ohio college's 2019 commencement address, and boy was it a good one. After explaining how she regretted agreeing to the speech, because writing it made her examine her life choices, "gain five pounds," and "loathe her friend and Denison alum Steve Carell" who graduated before her and should have had to address the college first, Garner gave the grads some invaluable life advice.  Her speech begins a few minutes after the one hour mark, and she quickly shares words of wisdom, such as never w...more

Video: Gabrielle Union Jokes About Dwyane Wade's Life After NBA Retirement - 05月22日(水)22:31 

Gabrielle Union, actress and wife of NBA legend Dwyane Wade , said she's enjoyed watching the longtime Miami Heat superstar adjust to life after basketball...