Break Out

2019年3月13日(水)放送 テレビ朝日   水   1:31-2:01


Face off: Fights break out on streets of Japan amid surgical masks shortage (VIDEOS) - 02月27日(木)22:42 

Japan is currently grappling with multiple coronavirus outbreaks which are threatening the upcoming Olympic Games and now, amid rumours of surgical mask shortages, brawls are breaking out on the streets. Demand for masks has skyrocketed across Japan with shops and pharmacies selling out faster than they can replenish stocks, exacerbating an already tense situation.  When word gets around about a new shipment on its way, queues form almost immediately, as was the case at a Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store in Yokohama, the city where the Diamond Princess cruise ship ...more

Clashes break out between police and anti-CAA protesters in Aligarh - 02月24日(月)01:44 

Deputy Inspector General of Police (Aligarh range) Preetinder Singh, meanwhile, told PTI that police have also detained some persons after the violence

ニューアルバムリリースの大橋トリオが「BREAK OUT」初登場、“音の哲学”を明かす - 02月20日(木)18:32 

大橋トリオが3月4日(水)深夜放送のテレビ朝日系「BREAK OUT」に初出演する。

How Leaders Can Break Out Of The Conflict Loop - 02月26日(水)23:54 

A new book explains how repeated attempts to resolve disputes can end up making matters worse — and offers a solution for ending this cycle.

South Korea Adopts Tough Measures To Stop The Coronavirus As Cases Break Out In Church And Hospital - 02月21日(金)21:15 

As of Friday, the East Asian country has 204 coronavirus cases—the most outside China where the virus originated from—and double the number in Japan, which has the third most cases in the world.

Scuffles between police & protesters break out as Munich Security Conference takes place (VIDEO) - 02月15日(土)16:51 

German riot police used brute force to push back against a throng of protesters who gathered in Munich where the high-profile security conference is taking place. The overnight stand-off was caught on film. Numerous protesters, among them members of the German Antifa movement, scuffled with police on Friday night. Some of them aggressively pushed the officers away, while others held firecrackers and waved flags. Protesters say the conference is “a meeting of war strategists” where weapon manufacturers negotiate deals, local media reports. This ye...more