LIFE! 春夏秋冬 豪華キャストの傑作コント&三津谷のダメ出し大会

2024年5月3日(金)放送 NHK総合   金   16:00-16:45


Core i7搭載モバイルノートPC「LIFEBOOK WU-X/H1」が富士通直販で20万円台! - 06月13日(木)17:00 

富士通の直販サイト「富士通 WEB MART」で販売されている、注目PCを紹介。

football life:森保監督が語った涙の理由 「尊い命、平和…」 広島で日本代表戦 - 06月13日(木)09:30 


The ‘5 A.M. Club’: This Is How I Managed to Get Up at 5 A.M. Every Day—and How It Changed My Life - 06月12日(水)23:51 

This is how I managed to get up early every day—and how it impacted my life.

Apple iOS 18 helps you get more battery life out of your iPhone. Here's how - 06月12日(水)21:57 

Apple's iOS 18, launched earlier this week as developer beta, has a couple of nifty options that give you a better overview of how your iPhone's battery is doing, as well as more ways to save battery health in the long run. If you go to Settings - Battery on your iPhone, you might see that some parts of your phone's charging graph are orange; these indicate that you were charging your phone on a slow charger. SEE ALSO: iOS 18 release date: When does it come out? Additionally, your iPhone might also show a notice while plugged into a slow ...more

GLAY「30周年記念特別イベント」開催を発表...10年前の「購入特典」が実現 「ずーと楽しみに待ってた」 - 06月12日(水)19:30 

2024年で活動30周年を迎え、全国ツアーを予定しているGLAY。2015年におこなわれた20周年の公演時、発売されたボードゲーム「THE GAME OF MUSIC LIFE Vol.1」の購入者特典となっていた「30周年記念特別イベント」にファンを招待する。2024年6月11日に公式サイトで発表があった。

Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton and Bridgerton cast offer real-life dating advice - 06月13日(木)09:31 

Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington, says: “Don’t compromise yourself. Wait for the right person because you’re worth it.”

Inflation data throws President Biden a lifeline - 06月13日(木)01:30 

Two big things just happened on Wall Street in response to the latest inflation data. And both of them should give President Joe Biden some rare relief in his presidential campaign.

Foresite Capital raises $900M sixth fund for investing in healthcare and life sciences companies - 06月12日(水)22:00 

Venture fundraising has been a slog over the last few years, even for firms with a strong track record. That’s Foresite Capital’s experience. Despite having 47 IPOs, 28 M&As and 58 FDA-approved drugs under its belt, the 13-year-old multi-stage healthcare and life sciences firm took two years to raise its sixth fund. “Almost all of […] © 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

How A.J. Brown's late-season injury motivated him to get in the best shape of his life - 06月12日(水)20:45 

After missing Philadelphia's postseason loss with an injury, the wide receiver has reached his offseason goals.

Kroi、タワレコ「NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.」ポスターに初登場 - 06月12日(水)18:40 

 Kroiが、タワーレコード「NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.」ポスター意見広告シリーズに初登場し、6月14日より…