LIFE! 春夏秋冬 豪華キャストの傑作コント&芸人たちの大喜利合戦?

2023年5月5日(金)放送 NHK総合   金   16:10-16:55


football life:悲願のJ1制覇へ、マタはラストピースとなるか ヴィッセル神戸 - 09月23日(土)14:00 


The Moneyist: ‘I just don’t have a clue where to start’: Where should I invest my $50,000 life savings right now? - 09月23日(土)07:32 

'What is a good type of account to start with? Where can I get a 5% or 6% interest rate?'

The Brothers Osborne On Music, Life, And Their New Self-Titled Album - 09月22日(金)23:33 

Upcoming album release shows are planned in New York, Nashville, Washington, DC and LA.

Central African Republic ex-leader Bozizé handed life sentence for conspiracy, rebellion - 09月22日(金)21:02 

Exiled former Central African Republic president François Bozizé, who became a rebel leader, has been sentenced in absentia to forced labour for life for conspiracy and rebellion, authorities said Friday.

Get a new-to-you desktop with 8GB RAM and a lifetime of MS Office for $280 - 09月22日(金)18:00 

An HP EliteDesk Refurbished Bundle (including Microsoft Office) is currently on sale for $279.99. That's 64% off the bundle's regular price of $779.96.TL;DR: As of September 22, you can get an HP EliteDesk Refurbished Bundle including a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Pro 2021 for just $279.99. That's 64% off the bundle's regular price of $779.96.If you're looking to gear up for work or school in a hurry, don’t bother shelling out for a new computer along with all the accessories and software you’d need. Instead, you can grab this like-new refurbished HP EliteDesk that also co...more

football life:出産後の壁とは 競技を続けるため、なでしこジャパンコーチの提言 - 09月23日(土)12:00 


988 Suicide And Crisis Lifeline Made More Accessible To Deaf, Hard-Of-Hearing People With Newly-Added ASL Support - 09月23日(土)01:47 

As Musa notes, this development marks a key step in making mental healthcare more accessible to people in marginalized groups.

約11人に1人が「体外受精」…不妊治療に欠かせないスペシャリスト「胚培養士(エンブリオロジスト)」とは - 09月22日(金)21:30 

1週間のニュースをまとめてお伝えしているTOKYO FMのラジオ番組「TOKYO NEWS RADIO~LIFE~」(毎週土曜 6:00~6:55)。9月16日(土)放送の特別番組「胚培養士~エンブリオロジスト」では、知られざる“胚培養士の世界”に迫りました。

Six Big Life Changes To Discuss With Your Accountant - 09月22日(金)20:30 

As the tax code gets more complex, it’s crucial to know what events to discuss with your accountant.

This Microsoft 365 alternative is only $30 for life - 09月22日(金)18:00 

An OfficeSuite lifetime license (Personal Plan and Family Plan) is on sale for $29.99 and $49.99, respectively. That's 75% and 72% off the license tiers' original prices.TL;DR: As of September 22, you can get the OfficeSuite lifetime license Personal Plan for $29.99 and the OfficeSuite lifetime license Family Plan for $49.99 — that's a savings of 75% and 72%, respectively.While some apps and programs are household names, that doesn’t mean they’re the best options. Take Microsoft 365, for instance: It’s the most popular app suite in the game, but it has a yearly sub...more