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【悲報】パズドラ、多くのプレイヤーが永遠にクリア不可能なダンジョンを実装してしまう - 02月20日(木)12:04  livejupiter

ラジエル降臨! スキル使用禁止、落ちコンなし、盤面強制7×6ダンジョン BOSS ラジエル HP8億 先制999ターン18コンボ以下吸収 悪魔・バランスタイプからのダメージを50%半減 4ターン目に確定即死ダメ攻撃 毎ターンランダムで2色変換攻撃 ...

Facebook boss faces 'blow-dried armpit' jibes - 02月20日(木)10:05 

Mark Zuckerberg faced jibes on social media over a claim that he has staff blow-dry his armpits.

Want To Work Remotely? Here’s How To Convince Your Boss - 02月20日(木)00:40 

Less than half (47%) of U.S. employees say their company provides remote work options, yet 76% will take advantage when it’s offered.

CEO Secrets: How Camelot boss got to the top - 02月19日(水)09:15 

Nigel Railton, who is boss of Camelot UK, which runs the National Lottery, explains how he got there.

10 Things That Horrible Bosses Secretly Believe About Employees - 02月18日(火)18:17 

If you work for an ineffective boss—a really bad one—you likely know the difference between an inexperienced or incompetent boss and a truly horrible one. You likely appreciate the normal imperfections that supervisors have and realize that most every supervisor will fall short in one area or

Women Bullied At Work: Here’s Why Your Female Boss Dislikes You - 02月20日(木)12:01 

The Workplace Bullying Institute revealed women bully other women up to 80% of the time.

This revamp will be different, says HSBC boss; staff not so sure - 02月20日(木)03:15 

Noel Quinn, the interim chief executive of HSBC , says this time things are going to be different.

Gomes ready to return against Arsenal, says Everton boss Ancelotti - 02月19日(水)11:55 

Everton midfielder Andre Gomes, who suffered a horrific ankle injury less than four months ago, is ready to feature in Sunday's Premier League match at Arsenal, manager Carlo Ancelotti has said.

UN rights boss denounces attacks, deaths in northwest Syria bombings - 02月18日(火)20:32 

Nearly 300 civilians have been killed in attacks this year in northwest Syria, 93per cent of them caused by strikes by the Syrian government and its ally Russia, the top United Nations human rights official said on Tuesday.

Long-serving Australia boss Pitt to resign after 'difficult' year - 02月18日(火)15:55 

MELBOURNE: Golf Australia (GA) are looking for a new CEO in the wake of long-serving boss Stephen Pitt's resignation on Tuesday as the national governing body grapples with a major restructuring that pressured their bottom line. After 11 years in the role, Pitt will depart later in the year having ...