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Assange’s life in GRAVE DANGER as first Covid-19 death confirmed in Belmarsh prison — Wikileaks editor-in-chief - 04月08日(水)05:23 

Conditions in Belmarsh prison, where Julian Assange is held, might be worse than London is willing to admit, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson told RT, adding that Covid-19 could swiftly tear through the facility. A prison environment is “like a Petri dish” for a virus, Hrafnsson explained, particularly such a highly infectious one as the novel coronavirus, which has already struck more than 1 million people around the world. The max security Belmarsh prison, where the WikiLeaks founder is being kept pending extradition to the US, has just rep...more

Be Successful But Don’t Forget To Enjoy Your Life - 04月08日(水)03:20 

Make sure you remember to live along the way to success. If you sacrifice everything in the present you will look back realizing you achieved your goals at the cost of missing the life you wanted to build in the first place.

Manufacturing industry gears up for life after coronavirus lockdown - 04月08日(水)02:30 

Industry hopes for return of labour, smoothening of supply chain, lowering of inventory

James King, 'My 600-lb Life' star dead at 49 - 04月08日(水)01:28 

James King, who appeared on TLC documentary series "My 600-lb Life," has died at the age of 49.

Gold jumps 2% to hit a new lifetime high, silver futures up over 5% - 04月07日(火)23:31 

Appreciating rupee restricts jump, global monetary easing to support gold further

The 19 Best Wallets for Men Are Lean, Mean, and Ready to Reorganize Your Life - 04月08日(水)04:48 

It's time to say goodbye to your overstuffed Costanza bi-fold and slip your cards into something a little more comfortable—the best wallets for men.

Europe Throws Another Coronacrisis Lifeline To Airlines And Defers Air Traffic Control Fee Payments - 04月08日(水)02:50 

European countries agreed a financial package that will enable airlines to defer payment of $1.2 billion of air traffic control fees until later this year or early next year. The measure aims to help airlines preserve cash amid the coronavirus pandemic and a virtual shutdown of international travel.

More than 95% of Americans made lifestyle changes for COVID-19, survey shows - 04月08日(水)01:42 

Since the coronavirus outbreak exploded in early March, 95 percent of people in the United States have made changes to their lifestyle, including stockpiling food and practicing social distancing, researchers report.

Coronavirus: Life in lockdown around the world - 04月08日(水)00:40 

As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, a number of countries have taken measures to slow its course. From social distancing to total lockdowns and curfews, people across the globe are having to adapt to a new way of life. FRANCE 24 spoke to people from Miami, Dakar, Rio de Janeiro and elsewhere to find out how they are spending their time in lockdown.

How To Buy Life Insurance During The COVID-19 Pandemic - 04月07日(火)21:52 

Here's what to expect if you're shopping for life insurance right now.