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Dallas Mavericks' Luka Doncic to miss at least two weeks with ankle injury - 12月16日(月)07:17 

Dallas Mavericks star forward Luka Doncic will miss at least two weeks after suffering a moderate right ankle sprain against the Miami Heat.

One In Four Women Don’t Go To Work Two Weeks After Giving Birth - 12月14日(土)02:32 

It’s understandable to want to dramatize a problem—like paid parental leave—when you are urging action, but a lack of accuracy and a false narrative about new moms may lead to poor policy decisions and create lasting harm for those that we all want to help.

Onion shortage: Prices may halve in two weeks on increased new arrivals - 12月11日(水)06:05 

Prices in Lasalgaon mandi down to Rs 41/kg from Rs 71/kg last Saturday

Tourists survive two weeks lost in Australian outback, one still missing - 12月03日(火)18:13 

A man and woman have been rescued after surviving two weeks in Australia’s arid outback on little more than vodka, groundwater and biscuits, but a third person is still missing, police said Tuesday.

HK police lift cordon around Polytechnic University to end stand-off that began almost two weeks ago - 11月30日(土)08:02 

Intellasia East Asia News Police lifted their cordon around a Hong Kong university shortly before noon on Friday, finally ending a stand-off with violent radicals that began almost two weeks ago. A day after entering Polytechnic University for the first time to gather evidence and remove explosive and other hazardous material, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chow Yat-ming earlier said […]

Facebook waited two weeks to tell employees their payroll data was stolen - 12月14日(土)03:54 

Hey, Facebook employees, Mark Zuckerberg doesn't deserve you.  That much was made abundantly clear today with the news that the Zuckerberg-helmed behemoth waited two full weeks to notify about 29,000 current and former employees of a massive theft of their personal data.  Specifically, Bloomberg reports that unencrypted hard drives containing 2018 payroll data were stolen from a car belonging to a member of Facebook's payroll department on Nov. 17 of this year. It took until Nov. 29 for someone to realize that employee payroll data was on the drives and then another two weeks for the...more

Why Has Pure Storage Stock Tanked 20% In The Last Two Weeks? - 12月12日(木)00:00 

Pure Storage Inc (NYSE: PSTG), a company that develops all-flash storage hardware and software products, has seen its stock price drop by more than 20% in a fortnight on account of missing consensus sales estimates of $440 Mil for the third quarter. The company clocked in revenues at $428 Mil...

Why Has Alnylam’s Stock Gained 25% In The Last Two Weeks - 12月05日(木)03:30 

Alnylam (NASDAQ: ALNY) is a U.S.-based biopharma company primarily developing RNA interference drugs. The company recently announced that the USFDA has approved its drug Givlaari, which has proven effective in silencing the gene behind the rare metabolic disease acute hepatic porphyrias...

Tourists found alive after two weeks lost in Australian outback - 12月03日(火)15:00 

SYDNEY: A man and woman have been rescued after surviving two weeks in Australia's arid outback on little more than vodka, groundwater and biscuits, but a third person is still missing, police said Tuesday (Dec 3).  The three friends set out to explore the country's vast sun-baked interior near ...

For Tiger Woods, these two weeks are no easy task - 11月25日(月)22:47 

Playing consecutive weeks isn't a big deal for most on tour. For Tiger, as he gets set for a back-to-back, it's always an uneasy process.