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Business sentiment in the country hits lowest level since June 2016: Survey - 07月15日(月)20:20 

Predictions of softer activity growth underpin the downward revisions of profit outlook, subdued hiring plans and relatively muted capital expenditure

An Extremely Early Migration of Modern Humans Out Of Africa. - 07月12日(金)02:49 

This is a topic that has been undergoing many revisions in recent years, as new fossils and genetic evidence have been piling up that contradict longstanding models.

Five Intrinsic Questions With Amanda Ostrowitz, CEO & Founder Cannaregs - 07月08日(月)03:32 

CannaRegs continuously monitors jurisdictions for any revisions to the laws, so CannaRegs subscribers are always up-to-date on any changes.

Kim Jong Un is now offically Head of Nor Korea - 07月13日(土)08:02 

Intellasia East Asia News North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un has officially been named head of state after a constitutional amendment granted him a title that previously served a mostly nominal function. A new version of North Korea’s constitution was posted to the state-run Naenara website featuring revisions made during the first session of the 14th Supreme People’s […]

Ronald van der Kemp's Audacious Revisions - 07月09日(火)12:21 

The designer has proved himself far ahead of the curve on hot ticket issues like upcycling, recycling and circularity. And he’s doing it with a pure couture sensibility.

三森すずこでエロなのに388枚「まじもじるるも」はなぜ爆死したのか。 - 06月27日(木)08:21  news

渡辺航「まじもじるるも」12年の連載に幕、「転スラ」外伝が連載開始 渡辺航「まじもじるるも ―放課後の魔法中学生―」が、本日6月26日発売の月刊少年シリウス8月号(講談社)にて最終回を迎えた。 【写真】「転生したらスライムだった件 異聞 ~魔国暮らしのトリニティ~」扉ページ(メディアギャラリー他6件) 本作は魔女から修業魔に格下げされた主人公・るるもが、人間界で修業する様を描くマジカルコメディ「まじもじるるも」の続編。最終回を記念し、...