The Gift

2020年4月6日(月)放送 日本テレビ   月   22:54-23:00


【音楽】Hi-STANDARD、結成・活動休止・現在のストーリーを描いた“We're All Grown Up”MV公開 - 04月05日(日)05:12  mnewsplus

Hi-STANDARD、結成・活動休止・現在のストーリーを描いた“We're All Grown Up”MV公開 2020.04.03 21:00 Hi-STANDARD-We're All Grown Up(from SOUNDS LIKE SHIT : the story of Hi-STANDARD) Hi-STANDARDが、4thフルアルバム『The Gift』より“We're All Grown Up”のミュージックビデオを公開した。 同MVは、4月22日(水)にドキュメンタリー映画『SOUNDS LIKE SHIT : the story of Hi-STANDARD』の映像作品が発売され...

The Gift Of Calm: From Apple Executive To Self-Care Entrepreneur - 03月31日(火)00:45 

In this busy and overloaded world, there’s a need to keep pushing forward without taking the time for a breath. That's where Mab + Stoke comes in.

The gift of caring for a sick or elderly loved.. - 03月31日(火)06:00 

Using crowdsourced data, COVID Near You provides visualized maps to help identify hotspots of COVID-19 activity in the United States. Report your health status today.

The Gift We Didn’t Ask For: A Lesson In Letting Go And Being Braver Than We Want To Be - 03月28日(土)23:02 

Broadway Play Or Improv Act: When Life Calls Us To Be Braver Than We Want To Be.